Announcement of the 9th Regional Workshop
Monitoring and Evaluation of Population, Health and Nutrition Programs
November, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand




Policymakers, program staff and researchers face many questions related to the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of population, health and nutrition programs in developing countries.  There is, however, a shortage of staff with the skills to answer these questions.  Such monitoring and evaluation skills are crucial to the successful implementation, design, monitoring and evaluation of population, nutrition and health programs.  In order to build the capacity of professionals in Asia and the other regions, a three-week non-degree course will provide training in the fundamentals of monitoring and evaluation tools and techniques.

Workshop Objectives:

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

Course Content:

The workshop offers an intensive training that will cover the fundamental concepts and tools for monitoring and evaluating population, health and nutrition programs. 

The course will include sessions on M&E Frameworks; Selecting, Calculating and Interpreting Indicators; Information Systems; Impact Evaluation Designs; Developing M&E Plans; and Facilitating the Use of Strategic Information.

Hands-on experience in designing monitoring and evaluation plans will be gained by doing exercises, and working in small groups throughout the workshop.

A fieldwork component will involve visiting health facilities and/or NGOs implementing health programs.

The participant groups will present the results of their projects during the final day of the workshop


The course is designed for entry-level to mid-level health and population officers, program managers and other professionals involved with the implementation of population, health and nutrition programs, and who are seeking an introduction to the fundamentals of monitoring and evaluation.  Applicants should be proficient in English, have some analytic skills and have current responsibilities for developing monitoring and evaluation plans for health programs.   Computer literacy and experience with data systems would be an advantage.


The course will be taught by faculty members of the Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University; and other experts from other government, non-governmental and international agencies working on monitoring and evaluation of population, health and nutrition programs in Thailand or the Region.

Cost of the Workshop:

The course fee including health and accident insurance will be $1,800. Accommodation and living expenses for the workshop will be approximately $800.

Prospective applicants are advised to seek funding from their home organizations or from national or international agencies.  Applicants who have requested funding should submit their application forms to meet the deadline, and copies of application materials should be submitted directly to those agencies.  When funding is confirmed, the applicant should contact the Institute for Population and Social Research as soon as possible. 

Interested candidates who obtain funding after the October deadline are encouraged to submit late applications, as space may still be available for participants who are fully funded.


Accommodations will be in the same hotel where the workshop will be held. The hotel is in Bangkok, conveniently located on bus lines, sky train lines and near a variety of restaurants, shopping malls, and movie theaters.

The Institute for Population and Social Research:

The Institute for Population and Social Research (IPSR) is located at the Salaya Campus of Mahidol University.  It was established in 1971, and has developed into one of the leading population studies research and training institutes in Asia.  IPSR has graduate programs offered at the Master and Ph.D. levels. In addition, IPSR has for many years provided special training courses in partnership with international agencies.  IPSR has been designated as a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Social Research in Human Reproduction; UNAIDS Collaborating Center; a UNFPA Center of Excellence in Population and Family Planning/ Reproductive Health in the Inter-Regional project on South-to-South Collaboration; and  the UK Wellcome Trust 's Population's Study Center for Research Excellence in Asia.

For addition information about the workshop, please contact:

Contact Information :

Assistant Professor Manasigan Kanchanachitra, Ph.D.

Workshop Organizer

Tel: +66 2441 0201 ext.602 Fax: +662 441 9333


Workshop information and application forms are accessible at:



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